Enrollment is based on a 5 day week, 12 month contract. June openings take priority in registration and assures your child’s enrollment. Enrollment can take place anytime there is an opening available. The tuition is prorated according to the days which remain in the school year. A registration fee is paid with the enrollment agreement and extended care agreement.

Yearly registration for June openings takes place in the spring. Current students re-enroll beginning in March, with the remaining openings available to the public on a first-come first-serve basis, as of April 1st. See attached holiday schedule for exact beginning and ending dates.

Infant/Toddlers Beginners Pre-Elem. Elem./Academy
Child Information Packet with current immunization info X X X X
Lunch pail with drink or Hot Lunch (at a charge) X X X X
Lightweight Sleeping Bag Sleep Sack X X
Change of Clothes X X X
Diapers or Pull-ups X X
A cup/bottle to stay at school X X

The school is equipped with the activities to be used during the school day. Please leave toys and stuffed animals at home. The children are understandably saddened when their special items get broken or lost. The children may bring books of an educational nature, or articles, which coincide with the listening time subjects, used in the classroom. (If your child feels the need to sleep with a special blanket, it is helpful if it can BE LEFT AT SCHOOL with his/her sleeping bag.)
Elementary, Middle and High School students: Very rarely are special supplies needed. Your teacher will let you know when special projects are coming up.


Tuition and extended care payments are due on the 3rd of each month and are late after the 5th. Any balance owing on the 6th of each month will be assessed a finance charge of 1½ % or a minimum charge of $5.00 on the current balance.